Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you cannot find an answer to your question, you can contact us here.

How long can I keep a skip for?

21 days is the normal hire period; however, we won’t collect the skip without informing you first.

How much notice do I need to give before delivery or exchange of a skip?

The morning before the preferred day of delivery is ideal, if you know before this then you can still book with us, the earlier the better.

What type of materials can I put in my skip?

The list is vast, have a look at our terms and conditions it will tell you what you cannot put in, if you are still unsure call our sales team for advice.

Do I have to keep materials separate or can I put everything in one skip?

All our skips come back to our Waste Transfer Station for segregation and recycling, feel free to mix the waste.

Can the skip drivers position a skip over my wall?

If the wall is low then normally yes, however beware we are not responsible for any damage caused as we are acting on your instructions. We would suggest you are on site to supervise the manoeuvre.

What size skip do you think I need?

Almost impossible to answer, if you click on the skip icons, measurements are listed to give you an idea of the sizes. Remember though 6 yard skips are the largest you can use for soil and hardcore.

Can I put a skip on the road?

With the council’s permission, yes you can. We can apply for the permit on your behalf or you can apply yourself, by following the procedure on the road permit section

Will the lorry fit in my drive?

Have a look at the our vehicles page, it details the width and length of our lorries, if you need further help call our sales team. We have the approximate measurements on there for our various vehicles

Can I put boards up the side of my skip?

No, we call these “greedy boards”, all loads must be level. The company and the drivers can be prosecuted for unsafe loads.

Can I burn the waste in my skip?

No, definitely not, this is a contravention of the Fire Safety Guidelines and can damage the skip and paintwork. You will be liable for any costs incurred for the replacement or repair of the skip.

What happens to my waste once you collect it?

We operate our own Waste Transfer Station in Poole, we recycle as many materials as possible, have a look in the recycling section, the materials and the processes involved are listed.